A major new survey show The Space Between curated by Anurendra Jegadeva and Rahel Joseph is set to preview on March 21st at Wei-Ling Contemporary.

The exhibition aims to explore the role of artists in society – what it is and what it could be – through the works of 18 artists who, in novel and exciting ways, are also making major contributions to the current visual vocabularies of contemporary Malaysian art.

The exhibition which features the work of some of Malaysia’s most prominent artists including Ahmad Fuad Osman, Ahmad Shukri Mohamed, Chan Kok Hooi, Chen Wei Meng, Choy Chun Wei, Eiffel Chong, HH Lim, Ivan Lam, Jalaini Abu Hassan, Kim Ng, Liew Kung Yu, Paiman, Sean Lean, Umibaizurah Mahir Ismail, Vincent Leong, Wong Chee Meng, Yau Bee Ling and Yee I-Lann, and draws from current issues in Malaysian life with regard to themes, content and other approaches employed by Malaysian artists to convey the real world around them.

The Space Between will also feature an earlier work by each of the invited artists. In bookending each of these artists’ new works with an earlier iconic work from their careers, the exhibition will serve as both a survey of the development of these artists’ individual practices as well as a valuable reading of the development of Malaysian art in the last two decades.

The Space Between will show from April and will continue until June 2015 at Wei-Ling Contemporary.

Wei-Ling Contemporary is located at RT01 Sixth Floor, The Gardens Mall, 59200, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Please call 0322601106 / 0322828323 or email weiling.shaz@gmail.com for more information.


Yee I-Lann


Ceramic rimmed flat plates with digital decal prints and back stamp

Set of 50 plates, 28 cm diameter each, 2013

Yee I-Lann

The Writer's Portrait Series

Digital Print on Kodak Endura Paper

61 x 61cm (x 12pieces), 2004


Hard Rain

Acrylic on canvas

129cm x 256cm, 2014


60kg circa di sagezza

Video performance, 2001


Ahmad Fuad Osman

An Eye For An Eye Will Make The Whole World Go Blind

Digital print on flexiface

182cm x 182cm (2 panels - scroll)

Edition of 5 + 3 APs, 2003

Ahmad Fuad Osman


Oil on canvas

273cm x 390cm, 2015

Chan Kok Hooi

Bukan Tetek

20.5cm diameter (2 pieces)

Acrylic on canvas, wood frame, 2014

Chan Kok Hooi

Love Chat with the Mirror

Acrylic on jute

197.5cm x 147.5cm, 2007

Chen Wei Meng

7pm Kuala

Acrylic on linen

27cm x 110cm, 2005

Chen Wei Meng

3739 km

220cm x 180cm (diptych), 2014/5

Eiffel Chong

Love From A Sister To A Sister (Diptych), from series 'A Matter Of Life And Death'

32" x 40" / 81.3cm x 101.6 cm each. Edition of 3, 2009

Eiffel Chong,

Work #1, from series 'For Such Is The Wickedness Of The World That It Shalt Be Destroyed By A Great Flood'

40" x 60" / 101.6cm x 152.4cm. Edition of 3, 2014

Eiffel Chong,

Work #5, from series 'For Such Is The Wickedness Of The World That It Shalt Be Destroyed By A Great Flood'

40" x 60" / 101.6cm x 152.4cm. Edition of 3, 2014

Ivan Lam

In memory of the man I was told not to be

House synthetic paint on nyatoh hardwood with resin coating
162.5cm x 366cm (Triptych), 2011

Ivan Lam

Till death do us part

Nippon paint synthetic house

213cm x 152.5cm, 2015

Ahmad Shukri Mohamed,

Cabinet Series 'Unity'


183cm x 183cm x 23cm (Diptych), 1993

Ahmad Shukri Mohamed

The black Board Series 'Malaysia Great Wall'

Mixed media on canvas

191cm x 283cm, 2015

Jalaini Abu Hassan


Acrylic & bitumen on canvas

213cm x 213cm, 2014

Jalaini Abu Hassan

Raging Bull

Acrylic & bitumen on canvas

137cm x 213.5cm, 2010

Yau Bee Ling

Hands on

Graphite pencil and ink on acid free Canson paper 

153cm x 488cm, 2015

Yau Bee Ling

Home Dinner (family series)

Oil on canvas

120cm x 120cm, 1997

Liew Kung Yu


Mixed media installation

Dimensions Variable, 2013-15

Liew Kung Yu

Bandar Sri Tiang Kolam Cadangan Untuk Negaraku (proposals for My Country) Series

Digital Print on Kodak Endura Paper

213cm x 575cm (Pentaptych), 2009

Choy Chun Wei

Unknown Landscape: Dust

Acrylic medium, paint, newspaper, pastel pencil and pigment ink on jute

152.5cm x 488cm (Quadiptych), 2015

Choy Chun Wei

Construction Series

Mixed media on paper

100.5cm x 81cm, 2004


Umibaizurah Mahir,

Oh my dear, there's no place like home

Ceramic, concrete, steel rod, screw, lamp-shade, bulbs and wire cables

268cm x 46cm x 46cm each (5 posts), 2012-13

Umibaizurah Mahir


Ceramic & mixed media on canvas

95cm x 217cm, 2015


Wong Chee Meng
Reading Between the Lines
Acrylic on canvas
153cm x 107cm & 153cm x 60cm, 2014

Wong Chee Meng

Adam & Eve

Acrylic on canvas

122cm x 122cm, 2007

Sean Lean

Dear God(s)

Oil on canvas

122cm x 183 cm, 2009

Sean Lean

Dear Gods II

Acrylic lacquer and alkyd enamel on canvas

178cm x 178cm, 2014

Kim Ng

I Found Something You Left Behind    

Acrylic, transfer print, water-based paint, found objects, woodcut,

dry point on Perspex, silkscreen print and mixed media on board.             

122cm x 183cm x 5 cm, 2015

Kim Ng

''Walking in the Same Direction as Others''

Water-based paint, printed collage, silkscreen print, pencil, graphite powder with varnish

152.5cm x 147cm, 2012

Noor Azizan Rahman Paiman

'Pajak Gadai' (pawn shop)

Advertising film, stainless steel, wall paper, praying matt, wire, button and iron structure

106.5cm x 81.4cm x 13cm & 110.4cm x 50cm x 11.8cm (Iron structure), 2003

Noor Azizan Rahman Paiman

The Circus Elementary School (Between Two Positions I, II & III)

Mixed media

Variable dimensions, 2013

Vincent Leong


Old motor oil, tyre skid marks on canvas

304.8cm x 304.8cm, 2014

Vincent Leong


1. mosquito coil on wood, 15.1cm x 15.2cm x 3.6cm, 2012

2. mosquito coil on parquet floor tiles, framed in concrete, 15.5cm x 15.4cm x 2.8cm, 2012

3. mosquito coil on polystyrene, framed in perspex box, 15.8cm x 1.7cm x 5.7cm, 2012